Thursday, 23 May 2013

When you're feeling left out in the cold

So, lately, you've been feeling like the person stuck in the corner

Just a bit... different from the crowd. 

Almost, like you’ve being left out in the cold…

Other people are talking about how successful they are at their jobs:

How they travel

Their amazing lovers

And when they ask about your life, you're like

Because you are here... 

And here...

And when you think of you're 18-year-old self you're like

Even when you do try to grab life by the balls, it’s not quite what you expected….

Sure, you have some amazing talents. But surprisingly, no one thinks they're useful

In your imagination, you are immortal, and you rule supreme

But, reality is a bit different

And when you try to talk to your friends and family, this happens:

So you look elsewhere for help

But, he's not actually talking to you, so this makes you feel even worse. 

So, you do the only thing that makes you feel better.

But when you go out, you realise

The only solution

The next day, you wake up….

After many hours, you’re like

Because, actually, you’re not doing that badly. Just because you’re not playing according to their rules

And they don't get your vision

And you follow your own feelings

Doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It really is their loss

I mean, you’re not even able to stoop this low

And, seriously, you know how to take someone down with you

And, most importantly of all: It could be worse

Let's remember: it's not your fault other people don't get you

Because, you’re awesome

And you’ll take center stage by force if no one wants to give it to you, because you only have one motto in life:

So keep on dancing. I know I will. 

Written by: Michelle Hattingh
GIFS by: who the hell knows

Thursday, 13 September 2012

thought: listen to yourself

thought: genius of sadness

Things that people pretend are a big deal but really aren't

1. Falling flat on your face on a straight stretch of road with no discernable obstacles. While you are sober.

2. Eating a big bag of Simba chips by yourself. It's mostly air anyways.

3. Having wine before 12pm. I shouldn't have to give a reason for this one.

4. Saying "Yes" like you heard what someone said even though you didn't because you're too embarrassed to ask them to repeat "are you flatulent?" for the fifth time and executing the awkward thumbs up when they gape at you.

5. Believing in happy endings.

6. Matching pairs of things like shoes, socks, earrings, breasts.

7. Washing your hands after you use the bathroom every.single.time.

Did I take it too far?

8. Sleeping past noon. If I had somewhere better to be I would be there. That was meant to come out not sounding sad.

9. Injections. Lets get real- we all deal with bigger pricks on a daily basis.

10. Ironed clothes. I just don't get WHY I would ever take clothes that I have already had to wash and hang up and then ALSO subject myself and my clothing to a very dangerous instrument that has the ability to leave scars and burn things just so that I can have creases in exact, particular locations instead of all over the place.

11. Choosing to stay in for the whole weekend.

12. Falling unrealistically in love with someone you have never had a conversation with.

13. Drunkenly telling all your problems/ deepest secrets to strangers. Because they understand you on a level that no one else does. Obviously.

14. Crashing your car three times and getting two flat tires in six months. Just me?

15. Erectile function.

Just checking to see if you're awake. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Skateboarders from the 1960's

Photojournalist Bill Eppridge, whose photography I recently spotted over at My Modern Met, documented the skateboarding boom in New York City, where kids swarmed Central Park and car-lines streets, trying out their new toys, often arm-in-arm. Check out Eppridge’s series Skateboarding in New York City after the jump, and see if it doesn’t make you want to go out and play with your friends.